Space for bloggers,
advertisers and their teams.
Blogman is a professional tool for communication
between bloggers, advertisers and their teams.
For bloggers
—Communicate with your whole team in one place.

Privacy settings allow you to communicate with advertisers and
bloggers of your level.

Put the link to your profile in your blog and get in touch with
advertisers and partners, without the need to interact
with admen or write hundreds of e-mails.

Blogman makes it convenient to organize and manage
commercial proposals with advertisers and bloggers in your profile.
For advertisers

Don't waste your precious time. Use the app to send a message,
and get a reply as soon as it reaches the blogger's phone.

Browse through and filter the list of bloggers by tags, reach
and social networks for your ads to cover the target audience.

Top up cash-free or with a credit card and pay to post your
ads with one click.

Blogman takes care of all the necessary accounting paperwork.
Solution for all

Find the most suitable affiliates with convenient rating and review system.

Create public channels and use the cloud based archieve to easily get in
touch with your peers, share and exchange any documents and ideas.
There is more
Blogman helps bloggers to effectively communicate, create projects together,
organize and arrange interesting events.
Having lots of suitable bloggers involved, advertisers can carry out
large ad campaigns, placing their ads in just two clicks.
For phones
It has never been so fast and easy for bloggers and advertisers
to communicate with each other.
For PC
A handy desktop application is available
for Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu.